Life Tools: Birthing Passion to Birthing Peace

Every great and growing moment of my life was inspired by a deep-seated passion from within -first a dream, next a vision, then a belief in the possibility of being.

Looking back, I recall this familiar experience first when my Aunt Marie and Uncle Don bought two horses. Only a short walk away, I began to observe the horses and their graceful power in motion - and I dreamed I was riding. I was only seven, but my dream was ageless, limitless, and powerful. Within one year I was riding.

What dream did you bring into being as a child?

In my early twenties, disillusioned about my short-lived college experience, and the lonely feeling that I was different… I dreamed of life in the wilderness. I dreamed of Alaska. When my father offered to take me with him on a trip to the Alaskan arctic, I jumped at the opportunity. While there, I was captured by the seemingly endless wilderness, the inner beauty and wisdom of the native Inupiaq people, and the moment-to-moment adventure. While in Barrow, I dreamed of working there - experiencing the people, the culture. I saw myself working at the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory. I applied for a job. Within four months I was there - caring for twenty-six arctic wolves and eating muktuk with the Inupiaq people. It was an opportunity for which I will forever be grateful.

Toward what opportunity have you jumped?

My father always said that most millionaires had invested in real estate throughout their lifetime. I never felt passion for money, but I did find myself attracted to architecture, restoration, and re-creation. I always loved looking at old houses with my mother. When we came home, we would go our separate directions with pencil and paper in hand, each becoming our own architect and estimator, listing our ideas of what would make the property magnificent. We would then estimate the values on each construction project. When complete, we would come back together and compare our ideas! It's amazing how often we thought alike. And then… there were the gifts of our unique creative ideas, when merged that were outstanding! I loved looking at houses. I envisioned myself in real estate. With a little research, I realize that it was possible for me to get into the business. By the age of 25 I was selling real estate. By age 28, I was a successful broker and of course - owned my own home.

What have you always loved doing?

From my 15 years of being in real estate, not as a sales person, but as a caring service-oriented person, dedicated to help people live their dreams… I recognized the importance of being aware of personal values and needs, decision-making, and the belief that possibilities are limitless. During those years, I taught decision-making and life skills in our local prison for VITA, followed by one-on-one support to help individuals transform their life, find more fulfillment, and design a future. I noticed that those who were able to initiate change had dreams, believed those dreams were possible to manifest, and had passion and motivation. The energy I felt from them lifted my energy, and together, we worked on the vision, the decisions, and the plan. They took the action. Passion inspired action! The success stories kept me going back!

What passion has inspired action in you?

In August of 1996, I read an article in Newsweek magazine about professional life coaching. It caught my attention - my passion for helping others define and create their future. I ripped out the page and laid it on my desk to investigate. Nearly two weeks later, Betty, another instructor in the decision-making program, said to me, "Beth - there is a new profession out there that is tailor made to suit you!" I shifted my head and paused in silence as I looked directly into her eyes. She said, "Life coaching!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Inspired and affirmed by hearing someone else, whom I highly respected, believe that it was right for me… I immediately began my investigation. I dreamed of a life coaching business. I envisioned it being a virtual business, one I could do from anywhere in the country. I dreamed that others benefited greatly in the collaborative energy! With Betty's mirroring what I had thought - I believed it was possible! By September 1996… I had enrolled in CoachU and shortly thereafter began my business! I have been passionate about it ever since!

What do you believe is possible for you?

As I was sitting inside at my desk working, looking out the window, I began to dream of working with people in the outdoors - in nature! The dream stayed with me and took many forms. I saw it as possible, but didn't see the way - the path, and wasn't ready to just leap. I kept revisiting the dream and one day, Coach Linda Weinberger approached me and said, "I want to take people down the river in canoes as part of a coaching program, but I am not a paddler. I hear you kayak and canoe. Would you be interested in looking at the possibilities with me?" My energy lifted and I immediately knew we were going to do something together. We continued to dialogue about our ideas, brainstorm, and share our dreams. When our common dream took form, it led us to a clear vision. We then began to work on the question… "How?" …And the pathway became clear. River Journeys was founded! We now offer River Journeys programs and customized canoe or kayak programs for private groups! It is simply extraordinary to get paid for doing what we love, with people we enjoy, in the glorious setting of nature!

Where would you love to spend more of your lifetime?

So how can things get better? There is always room to expand the joy, the adventure, the connections, and the energy. This has definitely happened in the past year. For me, it tends to come in waves… life the surf. My collaborative partner, Linda Weinberger and I were working on a coaching project, when all of a sudden, like a bolt of lightening, another idea popped up. The idea was expressed and we both shared our dreams about the idea. It felt so big, that we didn't immediately take it on as a project, but since it encompassed the subject of peace we played with it. The US, despite the opposition by the UN, was ready to invade Iraq - any week - any day. It felt good to play with the concept of peace. As we played with it and dreamed out load, a vision began to emerge. When the vision became clear, we realized… "We can do this!" At that moment, our Birthing Peace™ publishing project was born. Our project includes quotations, statements, and coaching questions designed to inspire and challenge the reader to live peace more consciously and inclusively. When our project has grown to adulthood and is ready to be released… we envision and believe that you will know about it!

What would you like to birth into this world?

There is so much more I could share with you about passion and how it has drawn me out of my comfort zone and into joy. But this is really about YOU! You are the one reading this and this moment is yours. I encourage you… take time to dream! Play with your dreams, stretch them, meld them, paint or write them, and re-create them until they become a perfect fit for your heart and soul. Then… imagine that dream really BEING. And you - BEING a part of it!

What does it look like?
How are people responding?
Where is it happening?
Who have you become in this dream?

How will you feel when the dream is realized? … Ask this question again and again. Feel it as if it already has occurred. How does it feel? The energy this brings will in itself have a profound influence on your success!

Lastly… Is it possible?

What will it take for you to see it as possible? Who can help you fill in the blanks so that the pathway to possibility becomes connected? Connection is key… connection with your dreams, your vision, connection with truth - yours and universal truth. And especially important is connection with others who can assist you in seeing, believing and maintaining the passion that will carry through to LIVING YOUR DREAM!

What is YOUR dream?

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