"Beth - Thanks for your great spirit, wisdom and downright insightful coaching. Our
session has been making so much positive change in the way I'm experiencing
my life. Things are beginning to happen again!"
Lou, Professional Artist/Illustrator

"Everyday I count my blessings… and - you're one of them!"
Katie, Clinical Psychotherapist

"Beth is highly intuitive as she gently guides me into greater clarity about specific life issues. Even as I am in a positive place, her valuable coaching support helps me move into a more dynamic sense of self."
Catherine, Cultural Creative, Artist and Entrepreneur

"Dear Beth, Thank you so much for presenting at the first annual PACA Coaching Expo. As seen by the attached evaluations, your session was highly regarded. Your time and energy, as well as your commitment to PACA and the coaching profession, is greatly appreciated. Thanks again,"
Julie Cohen & The 2002 PACA Expo Executive Planning Committee

"The Water, Women and Wisdom day was FABULOUS!! I loved spending the day canoeing on the Lehigh with a group of special women, many of whom I had never met before. Linda and Beth thought of EVERYTHING, from the wonderfully creative wisdom bags to the various exercises we did. I have already recommended this program to friends and colleagues and personally, I can't wait until Part 2!"
Lisa Kramer, Business and Personal Coach

"Beth… whenever I connect with your vision and passion I feel naturally drawn to reach for the stars. Thank you!"
Ruth Dilley, Integrative Healing Specialist and Founder of Thriving Artist Press/e-book publisher

"Her enthusiasm and positive, solution-oriented style helps keep me on track. Having Beth Meininger as a personal coach has made a difference in my life; she is truly dedicated to helping me become the best person I can be."
C.A., Proof-Reader

"Her deep caring and genuine concern make her a pleasure to work with and I consider it an honor to have her as a coach and friend."
Jim Donovan, author

"The most important bit of wisdom I received was that, like being on the river, I am in a divine flow; it will take me where its going, but I still need to paddle and do other work to stay on course."
Judy Merrell, Coaching Life

"Words are inadequate in describing your compassion, patience and respect for others."
Dick Thomas, Personal Decision-Making Trainer

"This river day is time extremely well spent. I decompressed, felt balanced, learned a lot, met some terrific people-and all in one day! The River is a great teacher."
Terry Charlton, Executive Coach & Corporate Trainer

"Beth Meininger is a powerful coach. She helped me achieve powerful results. Her wisdom, insight, intuition and incredible generosity were valuable gifts which helped fuel the start of my business. Beth demonstrated tremendous clarity and presence of mind when I had none and she was a rich resource for creative ideas, new ways of thinking and exploring possibilities. Beth was exactly the coach I needed during this time. Her integrity is exquisite, follow-through is impeccable, and joyful nature a refreshing delight. She is practical, grounded and wise---and she spoke to the highest part of me so I could make the best choices. Beth believes in people. She believed in me. And that is a powerful thing."
Patti Clark, Business Results Coach and Consultant

"Water, Wisdom, and Women-a magical combination brought together with ease and simplicity on the beautiful Lehigh River. I would recommend this course to any woman interested in enjoying and exploring nature, themselves, and others."
Mary Grubb

"Beth is honest, present, intelligent, and competent."
Natalia D' Onofrio

"Beth's style, emotional intelligence, caring, and experiential exercises were excellent! …and we got it."
PACA 2002 Coaching Expo

"At long last! I am so grateful for your wonderful coaching! It has been a year of tremendous growth with lots of forward movement for me. You are a gifted coach - definitely in the right business. Keep on doing what you already do so well!"

"Dear Beth,

On behalf of the Jobs Readiness class, we all are thanking you very much for your presentation. We found it to be not only inspiring, but motivation and energetic. I'm more than positive that we all got a full understanding and will use the information learned to the best of our abilities.

Your presentation was lively and highly appreciated. Thank you ever so much for coming and blessing us with that useful and helpful information. Please come again. You are always welcome."

Hand written and signed by fifteen men, participants of the VITA Jobs Readiness™ Program
Bucks County Correctional Facility - October 2002

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