Beth Meininger, PCC

Beth Meininger Personal Life CoachIntegrity, truth, harmony, and purpose. If these words resonate with you, you may be the ideal client for Beth and Coaching Journeys, LLC. These are the core values upon which Coaching Journeys, LLC was founded.

Beth Meininger, founder of Coaching Journeys, LLC, is a business and personal life coach from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her passion is in assisting individuals to reconnect with the many resources they have both outside of self and within. Connections might be made to dreams, the authentic self, life purpose, career possibilities, personal passions, knowledge, facts, people, outdoor adventure, and much more. Creating connections through expert question asking is vital to sustain a healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life.

In addition to growing up in the retail sporting goods business, she enjoyed 15 years as a very successful REALTOR®, gracefully handling complex multi-million dollar transactions. She also leads workshops and has been teaching the VITA Personal Decision-Making (PDM) program for 13 years. She is a 1999 graduate of CoachU and is certified by the International Coach Federation - the most highly recognized and credible source for coaching certification in the world. She continues to be deeply committed to life-long learning and developing herself professionally.

A few of Beth's life experiences include: living with Alaskan Inupiats, working with wolves, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, teaching decision-making skills to men and women in prison, whitewater kayaking through the Grand Canyon, and initiating a complete recovery from a life threatening illness. She is an ACA certified Whitewater Kayak Instructor and is enjoying working with Coach Linda Weinberger on River Journeys!

As for Beth's coaching - it is customized to your specific needs. She can use a formal program of which there are numerous options, or it can be situational, from session to session. She always recommends one trial session free of charge so that both coach and client can find out if they might be a good match. Then… as she would say, "listen to your inner wisdom."


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