Spend time getting as clear as you can about what you want to DO and who you want to BE before coaching; then we can take you from where you are to the next level or help you evolve your BEing in a more efficient and rapid manner.
Commit to remaining open-minded and trying on new perspectives for fit. Be careful not to assume something isn't a fit.
Realize that every person is unique and requires coaching to be custom tailored to suit. It is absolutely ideal when you can tell your coach what you need. Please do!
Double your level of willingness. Stretch yourself; be willing to go a little farther than you would normally.
Come to the coaching call prepared; having completed your fieldwork and reviewed your past week. Be ready to report on your successes and wins, problems and challenges and fieldwork. If you have a Prep Form, fill it out and e-mail it to your coach the day before your session
Be sure to include your whole life in coaching. It's so important that no part of your life be neglected while another is fine-tuned.
Take extremely good care of yourself between sessions. Taking your life to the next level can require energy: emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical. Self-care is of utmost importance to sustain your momentum and insure success.
Under promise and over deliver. Make this a habit! Whether it is your coaching fieldwork or other commitments to yourself and others.
Be honest with your coach... about anything that comes up. Your coach will not judge you for speaking the truth. Even if it's something that feels embarrassing or difficult. Your coach will appreciate your integrity. The coaching relationship is ideally a role model of integral communication - both ways. This is one of the aspects that creates magic in the relationship.
Let your coach know if you want to be challenged more or if less of an edge would be better. Let you coach know if the coaching is moving too slow or too fast. Keep in mind that YOU are in the driver's seat and the coach is there to help you be your best! The coach is NOT the expert on your life, but a confidential partner to co-create your best life with the expert - YOU.
Enjoy coaching! Have fun! If it doesn't feel good... you are possibly off track! Let your coach know and get back to what your Spirit says is right for you. Lighten up! Let go and let's go!


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