If you are ready to learn more about coaching or engage in coaching you can do one of several things…

Call Beth for a private consultation/interview at 215-794-8118 to discuss your situation, desired outcomes, and design the program that best suits your needs and budget. I am also known to suggest other coaches if I feel they would be a better fit! Let's talk!
E-mail Beth at Coaching Journeys, LLC to schedule a sample 30-minute coaching session.
Fill out the Client Data Form and Coaching Agreement to initiate a coaching relationship. Once these two forms are completed and a signed Coaching Agreement and check are "snail mailed" to Coaching Journeys, LLC, the coaching relationship will officially begin.

Remember… all unused fees are fully refundable if you decide that coaching is not for you, if progress is not being made to your satisfaction, or if you or the coach determine that another coach, consultant, or therapist would better suit your situation.

If you are ready to take the next step, either call 215-794-8118 now while you are in the mindset, or choose one of the following:

E-mail Beth to schedule a sample 30-minute coaching session
Read and/or Complete the Coaching Agreement
Read and/or complete the Client Data Form

I look forward to hearing from you!
Beth Meininger, PCC


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