The Power of Positive Feeling - A Dozen Ways to Up Your Energy Frequency!

1. Acknowledge and feel your present feelings. Resist and they will persist.

2. Exercise - Get the heart rate up so the blood flow can cleanse and nourish your brain and organs. Exercise also elevates mood by causing a release of endorphins and other beneficial bio-chemicals.

3. Take 20 minutes and allow the flood of (fear/anger) bio-chemicals to subside.

4. As VITA Education Services suggests: "Step Back. Take a Look. Ask Questions." Observe what is going on… simply notice, and then ask questions. For example: What do I want in this situation? How can I shift my energy? What is the opportunity in this?

5. Shift your focus to what you want rather than what you don't want.

6. Meditate or pray. Studies have shown measurable results from meditation and prayer in regards to violence reduction and increased healing capabilities.

7. Talk to someone who you can count on to help you feel better.

8. Surround yourself with an environment that nurtures you. Walk in nature, attend a support group, find a beautiful garden, or surround yourself with music that soothes you.

9. Do something totally different. Go to a comedy movie, go to an amusement part or the aquarium, African hand drum, go dancing, read a book…etc.

10. Write and read your "scintillatingly scrumptious" vision daily.

11. Get help. See a therapist, spiritual counselor, career counselor, life coach, addictions specialist, or go to a support group.

12. DECIDE to shift your energy!

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