Life Tools: Ways to Create and Keep MAGIC in Your Life

1. Step out of the box. Take risk. Take new and different actions, outside of your normal patterns of behavior.

2. Place yourself in learning environments, with new and different people.

3. When it appears - savor it; bathe in it, steep yourself in the moment.

4. When magic has occurred, celebrate it!

5. Let others know when you witness their magic and be grateful. "What we pay attention to grows." Be grateful for magical moments, for miracles. Pay attention to them.

6. Listen to your body and your inner voice.

7. Tap into the flow. Free up the congestion in your life. Complete incompletions, eliminate tolerations, let go of the past, learn from your emotions such as anger and frustration and move into the present, where flow exists.

8. Walk to the tune of a different drummer. Travel to a new land. Sign up for a new experience. I.e. swing dancing lessons, calligraphy classes or a weekend workshop on intimacy.

9. Be in nature. Observe, listen, smell and notice the magic. Use all of your senses. There are many more than five. See if you can discover 20, 30 or more and notice how they enhance your life experience! Curious? Read Re-Connecting with Nature by Michael Cohen

10. Examine your beliefs and change those that no longer serve you. Beliefs come into our life for a purpose. They usually serve some benefit at that very moment, but often they are carried though life as though they are a truth in every moment - and often they do nothing more than misguide us or create an illusion that prevents us from truly being present or living fully.

11. A reserve of time, energy and space attracts magic. Physics alone tells you that when you create a vacuum, it will fill. Create space for magic. Don't struggle to manage your time, manage your space and you will find time.

12. Play. Let your child out! Laugh, lighten-up, let your hair down, romp, "skip" - be free!

13. Identify or create "sacred space" in your life and spend time there. What are possible characteristics of "sacred space?" …*Safe, special, beautiful, tranquil, pleasing to the senses, maybe colorful, may smell pleasing, or is cushy like soft moss. Even better, make ALL the spaces you inhabit sacred. Ask yourself: What would be necessary for me to feel _________ in this space? (Fill in the blank with the above safe space *characteristics or create your own definition of sacred space.)

14. Realize that magical moments are merely a result of living life fully, in integrity, from the heart, occasionally risking to go beyond our comfort zone, and being in the present moment. The raw materials for this to happen are already within you. We must make a conscious "choice" to hone those raw materials into a lifestyle that is conducive of magic. It exists around us all the time; all we have to do is perceive it!

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