Life Tools: Are you a Cultural Creative? ...Find out!

You are likely to be a Cultural Creative if you…

Love nature and are deeply concerned about its destruction
Are strongly aware of the problems of the whole planet (global warming, destruction of rain forests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability, exploitation of people in poorer countries) and want to see more action on them
Give a lot of importance to developing and maintaining your relationships
Give a lot of importance to helping other people and bringing out their unique gifts
Would pay higher taxes or pay more for consumer goods if you knew the money would go to clean up the environment, stop global warming, upgrade the quality of our public education, and place emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable future.
Volunteer for one or more causes, or have chosen your profession because it is purposeful
Care intensely about both psychological and spiritual development
Are unhappy with both the left and right in politics and want to find a new way that is not in the mushy middle
Tend to be rather optimistic about our future and distrust the cynical and pessimistic view that is given by the media
Are concerned about what the big corporations are doing in the name of making more profits: downsizing, creating environmental problems, exploiting poorer countries, and often selling to the consumer products containing chemicals that are not supportive of good health and well-being… sometimes toxic or carcinogenic!
Want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life in our country
Value integrity, harmony, and sustainability

If you agree with 8 or more of the above statements, you probably are a Cultural Creative - and a higher score increases the odds.

In the early 1990's, after years of surveys and studying the emerging subculture holding the values indicated in the above statements, Paul Ray, a macrosociologist concerned about the evolution of culture, gave a name to this group - Cultural Creatives! This new group is literally creating a new culture in America. Research is indicating that there are approximately 50 million Cultural Creatives in America. Imagine the possibilities if we all become our highest and best self! The world CAN become a more sustainable and better place for all!

Adapted from The Cultural Creatives by Paul H. Ray, Ph.D, and Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D., published in 2000 by Harmony Books, New York.

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