Life Tools: 30 Ways to Become Financially Independent

1. Find a good financial manager
2. Cut your extraneous expenses
3. See yourself as worthy of abundance
4. Act like someone who is financially wise
5. Be around others who are financially successful
6. Upgrade your life standards, not your lifestyle
7. Love yourself
8. Spend the time necessary figuring out what you want in life
9. Ask for what you want from others
10. Learn to say "no"
11. Become extremely selfish (but not at the expense of others)
12. Treat your investments like a business - they are not there for your taking
13. Write your financial goals - be specific
14. Simplify - Eliminate those unnecessary things from your life
15. Get excited about your investment portfolio and review it each month, tracking your growth
16. Build a big enough reserve that if the stock market falls you are not crippled.
17. Diversify - Stocks, real estate rentals, mutual funds, gold, home, etc.
18. Reinvest a portion of your profits in maintaining or improving that which you own
19. Become physically, mentally and spiritually "fit"
20. Hire only the best! Financial manager/advisor, attorney, accountant, bookkeeper, etc.
21. Stay technically current
22. Set a goal year for reaching financial independence
23. Know what your required amount is to become financially independent
24. Have faith and believe that financial independence is possible
25. Notice what your beliefs are about money and change those that aren't healthy
26. Save - Save - Save
27. Be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy
28. Get your needs met
29. Become attractive and attract financial success
30. Understand the difference between prosperity and financial independence

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